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8 Module Online Webinar Series

All disease begins in the gut they say. And before we can begin to treat gut dysfunction we need to know what’s going on. Or more importantly, what’s going wrong. The Functional Diagnostics Gut-Liver Diagnostics Masterclass is the complete assessment program to show you how to assess and interpret the many gastrointestinal and liver function tests that we have at our disposal.

This Masterclass begins at the top and works its way systematically through the entire gastrointestinal tract to give you clarity on when to test, what to test for and what the test results mean for your patient.

Note: All presentations will include both SI and US/Canada units.

An important aspect of clinical testing is relating these tests and the test results to your patient’s presentation. This is where the true value of testing lies. Your presenters give you their deep insights into the tests and test interpretation, and they also share their extensive clinical experience. Technical understanding and research findings are valuable but it is experience that shows us what is relevant and what is not, and how to tell the difference.

Understanding when and how to assess gut and liver function is fundamental to holistic healthcare. Your presenters cover many tests that you may not associate with gastrointestinal function but which can be very valuable to your gut/liver picture.

See below for the full program outline.


Eliza Lambert and Jess Armine present internationally on these diagnostic tests and will give you comprehensive discussions into how these important parameters relate to the conditions that you’re seeing most days of the week.

Elizma Lambert ND is a Naturopath and Homeopath. She was born in South Africa where she started her Masters degree Homoeopathy. In 2000 she immigrated to Australia where she obtained her Bachelor of Health Science (Hom) and Advanced Diploma (Nat).

Dr Jess Armine DC, RN is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse. He has been a health care provider for over 37 years. He is trained in chiropractic, methylation, genetic research, neuroendoimmunology, functional medicine, nutrigenomics, applied kinesiology, and nutritional counselling.

You can read more about your presenters below.


  • Gain a deep understanding of gut and liver pathology testing
  • Learn which tests are most appropriate for your patient’s presentation
  • Understand what each test is specifically looking for
  • Understand what each diagnostic parameter represents
  • Know how to interpret the test results
  • Be able to identify when specific are tests are not useful or do not add to the understanding of the patient’s condition(s)
  • Recognise what may be causing their abnormal results and therefore what your best approach with them will be


  • Clear explanations on how to achieve outstanding clinical results
  • A PDF of all the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the live presentations where you can ask questions
  • 6 months access to the audio and video recordings
  • Your exclusive invitation to the Health Masters Live Alumni Group


Each session is 90 minutes: 75 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

WEBINAR ONE: Small Intestine

Presenter: Elizma Lambert ND

  • Digestion
    • Chymotrypsin
    • Pancreatic elastase
    • Putrefactive short chain fatty acids
  • Bile Acids
    • Lithocholic acid
    • Deoxycholic acid
  • Absorption
    • Triglycerides
    • Long chain fatty acids
    • Cholesterol
    • Phospholipids
    • Total faecal fat


Presenter: Dr Jess Armine

  • Acid
  • Ulceration
  • Reflux
  • H. pylori

WEBINAR THREE: Small Intestine 2

Presenter: Elizma Lambert ND

  • SIBO
  • Gastrointestinal Permeability (‘leaky gut’)

WEBINAR FOUR: Gut Microbiome

Presenter: Dr Jess Armine

  • Dysbiosis
  • Yeast/Mycology
  • Parasites

WEBINAR FIVE: Large Intestine

Presenter: Elizma Lambert ND

  • SCFAs
  • pH
  • Metabolic markers
  • Inflammation
  • Blood
  • Tumour markers

WEBINAR SIX: Liver 1 – Toxicology

Presenter: Dr Jess Armine

  • Heavy metals
  • Pesticides
  • Organophosphates
  • Phthalates, PCBs
  • ROS

WEBINAR SEVEN: Liver 2 – Detoxification Phase 2

Presenter: Elizma Lambert ND

  • Glutathionation
  • Glycination
  • Glucuronidation
  • Acetylation
  • Sulphation
  • ALT
  • GGT
  • AST

WEBINAR EIGHT: Liver 3 – Detoxification Phase 1

Presenter: Dr Jess Armine

  • Phase I
    • Caffeine
  • Ratios


Elizma Lambert ND is a registered Naturopath and Homeopath who was born in South Africa where she started her studies in a Masters degree Homoeopathy. In 2000 she immigrated to Australia where she obtained her Australian qualifications in Bachelor of Health Science (Hom) and Advanced Diploma (Nat).

Elizma understands the importance of looking at the body as a whole and treating everyone as the individual they are. Curiosity and a desire to understand biological processes and influences in the human body has fueled her passion for ‘connecting the dots’.

She believes that most if not all ‘disease’ needs to be addressed by identifying and removing the triggers, correcting imbalances in the biochemistry and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system using dietary, nutritional or herbal interventions.

Jess Armine DC, RN holds licenses as a Doctor of Chiropractic and a Registered Nurse and has been a health care provider for over 37 years. He is trained in Chiropractic, Methylation, Genetic Research, Neuroendoimmunology, Functional Medicine, Nutrigenomics, Applied Kinesiology, Cranial Manipulation, and Nutritional Counseling.

Dr. Armine is one of the few specialists in the United States specializing in correlating Genetic SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) like MTHFR with Neuroendoimmunology, Acquired Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Cell Wall Integrity to identify hidden imbalances. He develops individualized treatment plans specific to the history and physiology of the individual patient.

Dr. Armine’s passion is to discover and eradicate the root cause and subsequent effects of chronic illnesses in adults and children as well as to educate and empower patients and practitioners alike. Dr. Armine is the codiscoverer of Bioindividualized Medicine.

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