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A Foundations Guide to Social Media Marketing for Your Healthcare Business

8 Module Online Webinar Series

Did you know that 40% of consumers said information found via social media affects how they deal with their health? Facebook and Instagram in particular, are powerful advertising platforms that allow you to connect with patients providing information they can quickly access and trust. In this webinar series, you will learn how to utilise social media marketing to your practices advantage.

TIP: This is a great foundations course for a practice manager to do.

We guide you through the fundamentals of setting up core social media accounts for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each platform is different, and each has it’s strengths. Together they can help you engage with a huge number of people.

Throughout the course you are given examples of campaigns you might run and clear directions on how you can implement strategies that get results. We then show you how to produce quality posts that get good reach as well as how to analyse your social media efforts using key metrics for future improvements.

You will learn how to analyse your social media efforts using key metrics for continuing improvement. We will also show you time saving tools that will allow you to streamline your social media marketing.

At the end of this course you will know how to connect with prospective customers using different social media channels and a range of core strategies to attract people to your business. We also look at targeting. You can craft the greatest ad, but you won’t succeed if it reaches the wrong audience.

* This training program is for beginners who are looking to learn the fundamentals necessary to find success.


  • How to set up professional Facebook and Instagram pages
  • How to create posts that get good reach
  • Advertising strategies for social media
  • Uses of Twitter and LinkedIn for local business
  • Tools to streamline social media marketing
  • How to analyse and optimise paid advertisements
  • The key metrics to measure your results



  • Clear presentations explaining the intricacies of social media marketing including live examples.
  • A PDF of all presentation slides.
  • Clear directions on how to take your social media marketing to the next level.
  • Your exclusive invitation to the Health Masters Live Alumni Group to learn from hundreds of Health Masters Live practitioners.


Each session is 60 minutes in length

WEBINAR ONE: Getting Up and Running with Facebook for Business

  • Overview of Facebook
    • Why Facebook is important for your business
    • The sort of results you can expect with Facebook
    • Understanding how Facebook pages work
  • Goals for Your Facebook
    • Defining your objectives and discovering key goals
    • Defining key measurement metrics
    • Steps to finding your key goals
  • Facebook Page
    • What are the core things you should add to your Facebook page?
    • Adding the logo and cover photo
    • Adding photos and videos
    • Adding a call to action
    • Choosing your username
  • Quality Followers
    • Invite your friends to like your page
    • Invite business contacts to like your page using email
    • Paying to promote Facebook page
  • Creating Quality Posts
    • Posting an update on your Facebook page
    • Adding rich media
    • How to schedule posts
    • Best practices for Facebook posts
  • Advanced Features of a Facebook Page
    • Creating an event on Facebook
    • How to create a milestone on Facebook
    • How ratings and reviews work, and their importance

WEBINAR TWO: Basic Paid Advertising with Facebook

  • Engage and Interact with Followers
    • How Facebook comments work
    • Moderating Facebook comments
    • Managing Facebook users on your page
  • Key Facebook Metrics and Reports
    • How to track likes
    • Analysing reach of Facebook posts
    • Tracking your Facebook page views
    • Understanding your audience on Facebook
  • Paid Advertising on Facebook
    • Understanding the different types of ads
    • How to target your Facebook ads
    • Basic advertising terminology
  • How Facebook Ads Work
    • How to set up an advertising account
    • Facebook advertising structure
    • How to choose an ad campaign
  • How to Create a Facebook Ad
    • Identifying primary target audience
    • Refining your audience with interest targeting
    • Refining your audience with behaviour targeting
    • Choosing a budget for ads
    • Choosing your ad creative
    • Writing ad copy
    • Manage ad placements

WEBINAR THREE: Advanced Advertising on Facebook

  • Additional Advertising Options
    • How to get more Page likes
    • How to boost your Page posts
    • How to manage existing ads and campaigns
  • How to Use and Manage Facebook Ads with Power Editor
    • What is Power Editor
    • How to navigate Power Editor
    • Managing ads and campaigns
    • How to organise campaigns
    • Understanding bid nuances
  • How to Work With Custom Audiences
    • Custom audiences in Ads Manager
    • Custom audiences with web traffic
    • Create a lookalike audience
    • Use custom audience in ads
  • Power Editor Features
    • Create duplicate ads with different targeting
    • Create duplicated ads with different images


  • Overview of Instagram
    • Why Instagram is important for your business
    • The sort of results you can expect with Instagram
    • Understanding how Instagram Pages work
  • Strategy for Instagram
    • Getting the right content for your business
    • Developing a posting schedule for Instagram
    • Step-by-step plan for developing a schedule
  • Instagram Profile
    • Setting up the profile correctly
    • Getting the settings right
    • Step-by-step plan overview
  • Instagram Stories
    • The value of Instagram Stories
    • How to use it for business
  • Posting on Instagram
    • Linking other social networks to Instagram
    • Using Hashtags
    • Adding locations to content
    • Reposting content on Instagram
  • Instagram Insights
    • Reviewing Instagram activity
    • Using Instagram insights


  • Overview of Twitter
    • Why Twitter is important for your business
    • The sort of results you can expect with Twitter
    • Understanding how Twitter Pages work
  • Creating an Effective Profile
    • Choosing profile and header images
    • Using Twitter Bio
    • Customising your profile design
    • Pinning a tweet
  • Connecting
    • Follow others
    • Existing contacts
    • Using Hashtags
    • Twitter lists
  • Constructing a Tweet
    • Objectives/goals
    • Elements of a tweet
    • Image or video use
    • Tracking impact of tweets
    • Retweeting
  • Tracking the Impact of Tweets
    • The best metrics for Twitter
    • How to analyse metrics for posts
    • How to analyse your audience on Twitter


  • Overview of LinkedIn
    • Why LinkedIn is important for your business
    • The sort of results you can expect with LinkedIn
  • Developing a LinkedIn Strategy
    • Understanding the LinkedIn ecosystem
    • How people use LinkedIn
    • Defining goals
  • LinkedIn Business Page
    • Creating a business page
    • Quality copy for your page
    • Creating a Showcase page
    • Images
    • Managing your page
  • Content for Page
    • Engaging users
    • Creating updates
    • Analysing updates
    • Marketing on LinkedIn
  • Recruiting on LinkedIn
    • Career pages and job posts
    • Leveraging personal profile updates
    • Search and outreach for recruiting

WEBINAR SEVEN: Social Media Strategy & Tools

  • Understanding How Channels Work Together
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • Twitter
    • LinkedIn
  • Using Social Media to Get Feedback
    • Different channels different feedback
    • Multiple opportunities
    • What you get from using different channels
  • The 8 Step Marketing Plan
    • Setting the right goals
    • Refining marketing objectives
    • Identifying the ideal customer
    • Researching current competition
    • Choosing the channels and tactics
    • Creating a content strategy
    • Allocating budget and resources
    • Assigning roles
  • Social Media Management Tool
    • Why it is valuable
    • Schedule post across all channels
    • Weekly reporting
  • How to use the Social Media Tool
    • Managing posts
    • Scheduling posts
    • Looking at analytics

WEBINAR EIGHT: Trends, Tips and Tricks

  • Advanced Tips for Facebook
    • Taking your page to the next level
    • Adding custom tabs and template
    • Facebook Live
    • Getting followers feedback
    • Engaging with other brands
  • Trends on Facebook
    • 360 videos
    • The new rating system
    • Prioritising videos
  • Getting more out of Instagram
    • 72 hour follow strategy
    • Finding people to follow
    • Tagging influencers
    • Tweaking the Settings
    • Using 3rd party apps
  • Trends on Instagram
    • Using Instagram Stories
    • Instagram Live
    • Virtual search
  • Getting More Followers on Twitter
    • Favourite tweets
    • 72 hour follow strategy
    • URL shortener
    • Tweeting the optimal length
    • Asking for people’s feedback
  • Trends on Twitter
    • Live Steaming
    • Twitter content monitoring


Matthew Metcalfe

Matthew Metcalfe is a Social Media Marketing Professional. He studied a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) majoring in Marketing at the SP Jain School of Global Management. His focus has been on specialised online business marketing in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney.

Matthew has worked side by side some of the best marketing professionals in the industry, using step by step strategies to help local businesses get real results on social media. He has helped local businesses around the world establish large social media followings and helped them market more effectively online.

His expertise lies in social media marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO), digital strategy, search engine marketing (SEM), online sales development and optimal content management.

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