Probiotic Precision with Heather Zwickey


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Clinical Mentoring Webinar

Do you know that probiotics can have adverse effects? Find out which strains do and under what conditions in this clinical mentoring webinar. Dr Heather Zwickey is ready to answer any questions you have about probiotics.

As the research on our microbiome evolves it is becoming clear that probiotics have a larger impact than we have previously thought. Some of this is negative though. Some probiotics are contraindicated for patients in certain circumstances.

Getting this right has become increasingly important. We’ve known for some time that the benefits of probiotics are strain specific. The potential adverse effects are also specific, enhancing the need to be precise about our probiotic prescriptions.

To bring us up to date on the potential downsides of the wrong probiotics and when multistrain supplements could be harmful, Dr Heather Zwickey will present the latest on this rapidly progressing field. She will update us on how probiotics are functioning under specific circumstances to produce adverse health effects.

She will also review the role of probiotics in depression and explain the honeymoon effect.

Heather has some interesting new research to share with us and she will be able to answer any probiotic questions you may have. Send in any questions before the live session and we will have these ready to present to Heather on her webinar.


  • New applications of probiotics
  • How to identify which probiotics affect immune and other systems
  • The latest on strains that are contraindicated in specific circumstances
  • Why some multistrain probiotics are not a good clinical option
  • The relationships between the 4 major phyla


Heather Zwickey PhD. is the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the National University of Natural Medicine and Director of the Helfgott Research Institute.

She also has faculty appointments at Oregon Health and Science University and the University of Washington. She’s a leading researcher in the field of Integrative Medicine.

She’s published more than 50 papers, spoken at more than 40 conferences, had several NIH grants, and won 8 leadership awards. She’s served on the National Vaccine Safety Working Group, the Scientific Advisory Board for the American Association for Naturopathic Physicians, the Scientific Advisory Board for the State of Oregon Retail Marijuana Sales.

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