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Ongoing Series – Yearly Subscription

We like to think of this series as a business incubator for natural healthcare professionals.

There is so much information out there about how to build your practice that it can be difficult to make productive choices. The Practice Builders series will help you create a better business. You will find out what your practice strengths are, what is most important to focus on in your practice and how to craft a better business based on these. This series will help you feel confident and secure in your business going forward. If you need guidance to help you through the business building process, this webinar series is it.

You can check out our previous Practice Builders webinars HERE. You can buy these individually, or if you purchase this product you get the next 12 upcoming Practice Builders webinars (that you can attend live if you like) for the price of 10 as well as the entire backlog of Practice Builders classes that we have ever done for the life of your subscription.

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  1. Discuss in depth a specific topic that has advanced recently
  2. Identify clinically relevant aspects of case studies or research presented
  3. Explain why and how these findings and ideas may be applied in practice
  4. Answer any questions that you have about the topic under discussion


  • Clear discussions with action steps to apply principles in clinical practice
  • A PDF of all presentation slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the live presentations where you can ask questions
  • Access to the video and audio recordings
  • Your exclusive invitation to the Health Masters Live Alumni Group

World Class presenters | Unbiased information | Clinical focus | Comprehensive discussion with deep drilling | Easy access to all notes, handouts, videos | Best and latest information | No travel costs | No carbon emissions | No time away from your clinic or your family


Research on natural medicine is increasing fast. You will get the very latest research and practical direction in assisting the large number of patients seeking natural health care. With every course, you receive the links to all papers referenced.


As a graduate of our Clinical Mentoring series you will receive an exclusive invitation to our locked and highly valuable Health Masters Live Alumni Group where we share ideas, case studies, ask questions of fellow graduates and all keep in touch.


We present high-level, unbiased, post-graduate education. We have no financial connection to any suppliers of supplements or other goods to natural healthcare providers. All presentations are the highest level, unbiased, and noncommercial.


You will receive a personalized certificate for each course you do with us. We are a global company and have our events preapproved by many associations around the world. A list of course approvals are on our calendar page under each course. Please check with your professional Board with regard to how many points/credits per hour of study are given with Health Masters Live classes. For further information on CEs please refer to our Continuing Education page.


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