Postnatal Depletion Syndrome


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It is no surprise that carrying a baby to term, giving birth and the early natal requirements of a baby are taxing on the mother. Not only is it physically and nutritionally challenging, but the process from conception right through to the postnatal period is also a time of substantial hormonal variations. Some women are able to cope well with these demands but for some, it is extremely difficult and depleting.

For those who do not fare well, they can experience many and sometimes severe postnatal depletion symptoms. This may manifest as crushing fatigue, mood changes, memory and cognitive difficulties, fat gain, bone loss, libido loss, and many other frustrating symptoms that may even extend through their lives to a turbulent menopause.

Dr Oscar Serrallach is a GP that has specialised in supporting women through this most demanding part of their lives. He is presenting this fascinating three-part, webinar series on Postnatal Depletion Syndrome. This has been the focus of Oscar’s clinical practice for several years and is also the topic of his recent book on the subject.

Oscar looks at the specific metabolic and hormonal challenges that mothers face throughout their pregnancies and beyond. He discusses in-depth how these factors affect a women’s physiology and also give you a solid understanding of how to create a prevention and a care plan for your patients that are to become pregnant, are pregnant, or who have become depleted from their previous pregnancies.

Register now for a holistic approach on how to assist a very natural but demanding part of a mother’s life. It’s Mum’s turn for some care and attention! This program will give you deep insight into the physiology of pregnancy and the postnatal period, how women are affected by these challenges and how to assist your postnatal patient’s return to their normal, healthy selves.


  • Review the hormonal and physiological changes that occur through and after pregnancy
  • Discover how these changes can impact women
  • Understand the spectrum of symptoms that is postnatal depletion syndrome
  • Know how to recognise when a woman is exhibiting postnatal depletion syndrome
  • Learn which diagnostic parameters are useful to run to assess your patient’s situation and progress
  • Receive comprehensive treatment suggestions and potential care plans
  • Learn what to expect through the recovery phases of care


  • Clear protocol explanations
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
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WEBINAR ONE: Postnatal Depletion and the Science of Motherhood

  • What is Postnatal Depletion and how does if fit on the postnatal neuro-inflammatory spectrum
  • The role of the placenta in pre and post natal physiology
  • Leptin as a missing link in the management of inflammation

WEBINAR TWO: Postnatal Depletion – Clinical Scenarios

  • Assessing and treating micro- and macronutrient deficiency and insufficiency during the postnatal period with a special focus on the key metabolic importance of iron, choline and methylation during prenatal and postnatal periods
  • Assessing and treating hormone dysfunctional in the postnatal period
  • Supportive treatments for postnatal neuro-inflammation

WEBINAR THREE: Postnatal Depletion – Longer-Term Implications

  • How being a mother affects the menopause
  • What are the considerations when dealing with mothers and what are the potential long-term health issues we need to be aware of
  • Heal the mother, heal the child – what does it mean for the next generation


Dr Oscar Serrallach MBChB, FRACGP graduated with a medical degree (MBChB) from the Auckland School of Medicine, New Zealand in 1996. He received his fellowship of Family Medicine and General Practice in 2008.

Dr Serrallach is well-known in the field of postnatal health. Through a personal family experience and the lens of functional medicine, he came to realise the huge impact that nutrition, lifestyle and the environment have on the postnatal period. Dr Serrallach has spent the past eight years devoted to the identification and treatment of postnatal depletion.

“I so deeply believe that mothers are the fabric of our society – a healthy society needs healthy families, and healthy families rely on healthy mothers. And yet I see so many women at my clinic who are chronically depleted, and only come to see me after years of being this way, at the point of desperation.”

Dr Serrallach has developed a process that addresses the requirements of fourth-trimester healing and provides personalised treatment plans for patients experiencing postnatal depletion.

“I have seen mothers not only return to a vibrant state of health but also transformed and enlightened by the journey.  It is my wish that Mothers be fully supported in their physical and emotional wellbeing to fully experience the joy and fulfilment of motherhood once more.”


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