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3 Module Online Webinar Short Course

While the vaccination debate continues, we can still support our patients. Heather Zwickey ND has prepared a comprehensive presentation series that gives you clear direction on what to do for people that do vaccinate, for those that don’t vaccinate, and for those who want to vaccinate to a different schedule.

We can support these patients and ensure that they maximise their immune defence, reduce adverse responses and place others at minimal risk.

This webinar does not address the “to vaccinate or not to vaccinate” decision. It focuses on supporting our patients. Heather will explain her recommendations relevant to the Australian, Canadian, New Zealand, and US schedules.

Heather has structured her series into three age brackets and will discuss the issues and evidence for each. The ages she will cover in her three presentations are childhood, adolescent, and adult. She will also be showing us how to watch for the early signs of infectious diseases that could be vaccine preventable. And what to do when parents want to vaccinate for some things and not others, and don’t want to use the schedule. This is when you need to know something about each vaccine and each infectious disease in order to support these patients appropriately.

Some parents don’t vaccinate, but when it’s time for the child to go to school they have to. This can be difficult because the ‘catch-up schedules’ were not designed for this situation. All of these scenarios will be discussed.


  • Which body systems need supporting during vaccinations
  • How to support each age bracket
  • What signs and symptoms to be vigilant for in those who choose not to vaccinate
  • How to best organise catch-up schedules
  • How to reduce adverse reactions
  • What you can do to minimise risk to others


  • Clear explanations on how to achieve outstanding clinical results
  • A PDF of all presentation slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Access to the live presentations where you can ask questions


Each session is 90 minutes: 75 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

WEBINAR ONE: Childhood Vaccines

  • Immune development with respect to vaccination timing
  • Risks and benefits of each childhood vaccine
  • Timing catch-up schedules

WEBINAR TWO: Adolescent Vaccines

  • Disease versus vaccine risk considerations
  • HPV strain emergence
  • Meningococcal statistics and outbreaks worldwide

WEBINAR THREE: Adult Vaccines

  • Flu – emerging evidence for imprinting
  • Shingles trends
  • TDaP in pregnancy


Heather Zwickey PhD. is the Dean of Research and Graduate Studies at the National University of Natural Medicine and Director of the Helfgott Research Institute.

She also has faculty appointments at Oregon Health and Science University and the University of Washington. She’s a leading researcher in the field of Integrative Medicine.

She’s published more than 50 papers, spoken at more than 40 conferences, had several NIH grants and won 8 leadership awards. She’s served on the National Vaccine Safety Working Group, the Scientific Advisory Board for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians, the Scientific Advisory Board for the State of Oregon Retail Marijuana Sales.

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