Mindfulness in Cancer Care

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Incorporating mindfulness and mind-body medicine principles can dramatically improve many aspects of your practice. Clinicians see improvements in patient responsiveness, compliance and outcomes.

The psychological component of cancer is massive. For most people mindfulness and mind-body medicine can take cancer care to a whole new level. It may be the most important aspect of care.

Dr Paul Epstein is a naturopath with extensive experience and training in many forms of psychological medicine. He lectures routinely on mindfulness as medicine, mind-body techniques and resolving childhood trauma.

In this live webinar short course Paul is giving you skills and tools specific for your patients that have been diagnosed with, are being treated for, or have had a cancer.

The mindful approach is enormously rewarding for you, as well as your patients. Dr Epstein has presented several programs for Health Masters LIVE and every time he receives personal letters of appreciation from clinicians who have been deeply influenced by his teaching.


  • Recognise psychological influences affecting your patients
  • Learn proven mind-body techniques that create incredible changes in patient perspective
  • Unblock emotional assumptions and resistance
  • Develop deep connection with your patients
  • Achieve more reliable results
  • Have patients that are much more motivated and satisfied with their care
  • Develop a reputation as a compassionate, caring clinician
  • Build your business with more satisfied patients


  • Engaging, practical presentations based on the latest research and on many years of training and experience
  • Practical mind-body and mindfulness tools and techniques that you can immediately apply in your practice
  • Precise explanations of how to implement these techniques to achieve outstanding clinical results
  • Guided experiential practices that you can use with your clients
  • A PDF of all presentation slides
  • Links to research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Resources to assist you to progress beyond this course
  • Access to Paul’s Mind-Body Masterclass at the early bird price


paul-epsteinDr Paul Epstein

Dr. Epstein is a naturopathic physician, mind body therapist, mindfulness meditation teacher, speaker, workshop leader and author. He graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in 1984, where he did a residency in holistic medicine, stress and lifestyle counseling and directed the clinical lifestyle change program “Healthstyles”.

He has successfully advocated the clinical application and integration of mind-body-spirit therapies in health care for 30 years exploring the mind-body connection, how biography becomes biology, narrative medicine, neuroplasticity, epigenetic, and the role of stress and childhood trauma in health and disease. He specializes in treating people with stress related disorders and mentoring health professionals to integrate mindfulness and mind-body therapies.

Paul was co-founder of the Israel Center for Mind-Body Medicine. He graduated from the Academy for Guided Imagery, completed the three-year training program for Community Dharma Meditation Teachers at the Spirit Rock Meditation Center, and has trained in the “Internal Family System model of psychotherapy. Paul travels extensively and teaches mindfulness and mind-body therapy intensive training workshops and webinars, mentors health care professionals to integrate mindfulness and mind-body therapy. He maintains a private practice in Westport CT where he was the founder and guiding teacher of the Insight Meditation Community of Fairfield County. He is author of ‘Happiness Through Meditation.”


“Thank you Paul, for shining a light with so much love and compassion, into the dark parts of our individual experience, allowing us to sit with our pain and learn to recognise it in others, so we may be able to assist them on their healing journeys. This is already adding and will continue to add more insights into my practice and new ways of assisting my clients. Thank you for teaching me to look with new eyes, at my sufferings and pain, and through it, be able to help others more.”
Ada Medak

“Well presented, makes a great deal of sense and provides a lot of back-up material, in the sense of research and connected issues. Excellent seminar.”
Anne Heymans

“Excellent as always – I found the meditations especially profound, and particularly value that experiential part of it, where the concept is embodied.”
Anne Heymans

“Personally transformative and full of material that can be applied and adapted to different modalities of therapeutic work.”
Anne Heymans

“This was a very inspiring presentation, I got a lot out of it, and also from the material discussed during the session.”
Emmanuelle Dal Pra

“Great session, Paul. I love the way you allow me to go deeper and deeper with each session into some of the painful experiences of my early childhood, while feeling supported. I find this course a slow unveiling of the many layers of my being, coming to terms with some long forgotten memories. Thank you for this opportunity. This is already changing the way I be and treat my patients. Thanks.”
Ada Medak

“I now include a 5 minute mindfulness meditation at the opening of my session with my clients. I follow Dr. Epstein’s script which I had committed to memory. I was so pleased to observe how easily this flowed for me. My clients are very receptive. At first I worried that 5 minutes would take up too much time but felt it would be worth it. I was correct. It provides a very calming effect on both of us. Thank you so much for all that you share.”
Cecelia McNicholl

“Found it centering and remembering many concepts I have learnt before but stopped utilising. Feel excited that I am feeling confident to bring this mindfulness into my practice and use with clients. Feel excited to know I will have the confidence and ability to do this by the end of the course and to start now integrating what I have already learnt. I found all sessions so far relevant and so useful, very happy that I signed up for the course.”
Lynne Grieves

“I found the background material combined with the meditations during the presentation very powerful as a personal experience of connecting symptoms with their personal significance – so a personal experience of imagery as a profound healing tool, to inform work with patients.
Excellent presentation and deeply healing way of working – thank you to all concerned, gives me hope for medicine if this way of working can become more mainstream.”
Anne Heymans

“It’s the missing link to how we help our clients to heal.”
Mariangela Parodi

“Valuable component for both practitioners & patients dealing with the stress of infertility. Great presentation.”
Gail Day

“Hi Paul. I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the mind body masterclass online lectures you gave with Health Masters Live. I was unable to attend the live online lectures so I have just finished watching the series. I am a family doctor (GP here in Australia) and have a lot of patients with past trauma and current issues with chronic pain, BPD, PTSD and anxiety as well as chronic GI issues. I have always been interested in psychological medicine and over the last few years I have been studying integrative medicine.

This has opened up many new natural medicine and alternative approaches that I can consider with patients and work along with other practitioners to help the patient find their path in managing their illness – I truly have many more tools in my toolbox to help guide patients. I previously had felt that apart from the psychological aspects, I had exhausted the conventional medicine/drug approaches which are often very much only symptom relievers and don’t get to treating the underlying cause. This was very frustrating and I am grateful I sought and found a different approach to practice medicine.

I have started using these approaches with patients and I know it will help me be better able to guide some stuck patients . The only issue is I will probably need to increase the duration of such type of consults from 30 min to 45 min.”
Personal letter to Paul

“I am really enjoying every session of the Mind-Body Medicine Masterclass, everything you say resonates with me on a personal and also professional level. I am getting a lot out of the material that you are sharing with us. This morning’s session was absolutely fantastic, despite the fact that you are just recovering from surgery!”
Personal letter to Paul

“Hey Paul,
Just wanted to give a big thanks for the Mind-Body masterclass you’re giving. I am absolutely loving it and finding it really useful in dealing with my own emotional issues which have been festering for so long. Looking forward to sharing the wisdom and insights with others. Thanking you.”
Personal letter to Paul

“Dr. Epstein,
I enrolled in your Mind-Body Medicine Masterclass which I am thoroughly enjoying and feel that I am learning so much about myself.”
Personal letter to Paul

“Hello Dr. Epstein,
I’m a practicing ND in Toronto. I’ve been listening to your lecture on mind body infertility (Health Masters fertility webinar) and have been enjoying it so much! Thank you.”
Personal letter to Paul

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