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Your Patient’s Microbiome is now a necessary consideration for almost all of their presentations. As the research on the various Microbiome Populations progresses, we are gaining a rapidly-growing awareness of the importance of our gut flora on all of our body systems. This new research is opening up many new therapeutic options for you. The Microbiome Masterclass II will update you on the major recent advances that have been made in this fascinating field and specifically those that you can use in clinical care.

Gain a comprehensive insight into many and varied effects our bacterial companions are having.

The Microbiome Masterclasses II presents the latest Microbiome-Related Topics including The Microbiome and Obesity, Cardiometabolic Disease and Diabetes, The Infant Microbiome, The Oral Microbiome, The Vaginal Microbiome, the tight interrelationship between the Microbiome and Immune Function, and the fascinating correlation between our Mitochondrial Function and our Microbiome.

All of these new topics come with clear discussions of how to best restore the normal populations, diversity and resilience to your patient’s various microflora communities. See the program below for the full details on all of the topics you will be covering in the Microbiome Masterclass II.



  • Know how to recognise when your patient’s microbiome in contributing to their presentation
  • Learn the lastest investigative tests to assess the gut microflora diversity and function
  • Know when to address the microbiome as a valuable therapeutic option
  • Learn how the microbiome changes through our life cycle
  • Help your patients maintain healthy weight by repairing microbial balance in their gut
  • Learn how vitally important your infant patient’s microbiome is to their development and life-long health
  • Understand how the oral microbiome functions and impacts a surprising range of conditions
  • Discover the fascinating association between our mitochondria and our microbiome
  • Learn how to use prebiotics, probiotics and synbiotics in specifically appropriate conditions
  • Receive clear protocols on how to improve our patient’s microbiome


  • Clear protocol explanations
  • Clinical pearls for improved practice results
  • Access to audio and video recordings
  • A PDF of the presenter’s slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • Your exclusive invitation to our alumni hub to ask questions


WEBINAR ONE: Foundation Concepts of the Microbiome

Presenter: Dr Patrick Hannaway MD

  • Understand the role of the gut microbiome in gastrointestinal and extra-intestinal diseases
  • Recognise the signs and symptoms associated with imbalanced gut microbiome to help treat gastrointestinal and extra-intestinal diseases
  • Utilise cutting-edge technology to evaluate the gut microbiome in health and disease
  • Recognise how to improve the gut microbiome by minimising the use of antibiotics, while incorporating proper diet, exercise and stress reduction
  • Recognise the inter-relationship between the gut microbiome and the global microbiome

WEBINAR TWO: Cardiometabolic and Microbiome

Presenter: Dr Liz Lipski PhD

  • Explore the relationship between the gut barrier function and obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes
  • Current research on these relationships
  • Practical methods to heal gut barrier function and balance the microbiota
  • Focus on the role of probiotics, prebiotics, and food

WEBINAR THREE: The Vaginal Microbiome

Presenter: Dr Jaclyn Chasse ND

  • Describe the vaginal microbiome
  • Review what causes vaginal microbiome dysbiosis
  • Identify how the gut and the vaginal microbiome may be connected
  • Discuss how the gut microbiome contributes to fertility, hormone balance, pregnancy, and overall women’s health
  • Use case discussion to review options for lab evaluation of the microbiome
  • Review ways to restore maintain a healthy gut & vaginal microbiome

WEBINAR FOUR: Functional Immunology, Microbiome & Metabolome

Presenter: Dr Russell Jaffe

  • Microbiome essentials
  • Adaptive and innate immune responses
  • Identifying hidden immune burdens
  • Personalised immune enhancement program
  • Alkalising lifestyle program
  • Transit time
  • Medications, maldigestion & food reactions
  • Predictive biomarker tests to determine functional age

WEBINAR FIVE: The Microbiome and Weight Management

Presenter: Kiran Krishnan

  • Current state of the obesity and metabolic epidemic
  • Initial clues as to the role of the microbiome in metabolic disease
  • How does the microbiome affect weight and metabolic health
  • What does the research show about probiotics in metabolic health
  • What are strategies to modulate the microbiome to impact weight and metabolic health

WEBINAR SIX: The Infant Microbiome

Presenter: Dawn Whitten ND, BNat(Hons), IBCLC, FNHAA

  • The infant/child microbiomes stages of development
  • Role of the infant microbiome in health and disease
  • Modifiers, nurturers and disturbers
  • Strategies to protect and optimise the infant microbiome

WEBINAR SEVEN: Microbiome/Mitochondria Crosstalk and it’s Connection to Human Health

Presenter: Dr Geo Espinosa ND

  • Why mitochondrial medicine matters in relation to microbiome
  • Which diseases are associated with mitochondrial and microbiome dysfunction
  • Discuss how antibiotics affect both systems and associated diseases from overuse
  • What is the cross-talk between the microbiome and the mitochondria?
  • How to improve mitochondrial and microbiome health as a unit

WEBINAR EIGHT: The Oral Microbiome

Presenter: Dr Cass Nelson-Dooley MS

  • Review the oral cavity, the oral microbiome, and its biodiversity
  • Learn when to assess the oral cavity as a contributor to disease processes elsewhere
  • Discover that the oral microbiome and gut microbiome share 45% of their microbes
  • View the oral mucosal barrier as critical in preventing disease and infection
  • Discuss treatments to restore oral mucosa integrity and microbial balance
  • Review case examples


Dr Russell Jaffe received his BS, MD and Ph.D from the Boston University School of Medicine in 1972. He completed residency training in clinical chemistry at the National Institutes of Health (1973 – 1976), remaining on the permanent senior staff until 1979. He is board-certified in Clinical Pathology and in Chemical Pathology.

As a physician and scientist who aspired to be comprehensive, objective, empiric and experiential, Dr Jaffe started his career searching for deeper understanding, wisdom, evidence and insight in mechanisms of health. Through intense curiosity and learned scepticism, Dr Jaffe sought to debunk the best-known advocates of a variety of health promotion and healing systems. What started as a journey to disprove holistic forms of care became a rich educational experience that transformed Dr Jaffe into a student and then researcher in such areas a Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, active meditation, homeopathy, and manipulative arts.

Dr Jaffe’s practical contributions to clinical medicine and to healthcare policy focus on functional, predictive tests and procedures designed to improve the precision of both diagnosis and of treatment outcomes; he has authored nearly 100 articles on the subject. Examples of his contributions to molecular biology and clinical diagnostics include:

  • Early colon cancer detection tests
  • Predictive tests of cardiovascular health and function based on changes in blood clotting and systemic repair status
  • Quantification of the number of concurrent platelet binding sites needed for collagen to activate platelet-induced blood clotting
  • Identification of the mechanism that controls collagen activation of platelets
  • Antigen ultra-purification for use in high sensitivity immunology assays
  • Mechanism of connective tissue cross-link inhibition by d-penicillamine
  • Predictive tests of immune function and hypersensitivity/delayed allergy
  • Predictive tests of nutritional/metabolic function

Dr Patrick Hannaway MD is a board-certified family physician with a medical degree from Washington University and residency training at the University of New Mexico. He is a past President of the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine and co-founded Family to Family: Your Home for Whole Family Health with my wife in Asheville, NC. As an initiated Marakame (Shaman) by the Huichol people in the Sierra Madres of central Mexico. He incorporates these healing approaches in his clinical practice.

From 2002-2012, Patrick was the Chief Medical Officer at Genova Diagnostics, followed by the Director of Medical Education for the Institute for Functional Medicine as well as the Medical Director at the Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine.

Teaching around the world on ‘Good Medicine,’ he brings his full presence to teaching clinicians about healing, with an emphasis on therapeutic relationships, connection, community, and wholeness. He has trained thousands of health providers in functional medicine all over the world so that they can more effectively and compassionately care for others. He has created sustainable and effective systems to offer functional medicine within conventional health care institutions and is demonstrating through research the value of this type of care.

Dr-Cass-Nelson-DooleyDr Cass Nelson-Dooley MS.

Cass Nelson-Dooley is a medical writer and served as a Medical Education Specialist for almost eight years at Metametrix Clinical Laboratory and then Genova Diagnostics. Cass co-authored, “Nutrient and Toxic Elements” in Laboratory Evaluations for Integrative and Functional Medicine and authored case studies in Case Studies in Integrative and Functional Medicine.

At the University of Georgia, she completed a Bachelor of Science in Ethnobotany and a Master of Science in Ethnopharmacology. She has presented to both national and international audiences on the topics of nutrition, laboratory tests, disease prevention, drug discovery research, and obesity and osteoporosis. Cass received the Fulbright Scholar award to study medicinal plants in Bocas del Toro, Panama.

dr-Geo-EspinosaDr Geo Espinosa

Geo Espinosa, N.D., L.Ac, C.N.S., RH (AHG) is a renowned naturopathic and functional medicine doctor recognized as an authority in urology and men’s health. Dr Geo is the founder and director of the Integrative Urology Center at New York University Langone Medical Center and the Chief Science Officer at PR Labs. Before joining NYU, Dr Espinosa was a clinician, researcher and director of clinical trials at the Center for Holistic Urology at Columbia University Medical Center.

Geo is a licensed naturopathic doctor, licensed acupuncturist, a certified nutrition specialist and a registered herbalist. He lectures internationally and has published numerous peer-reviewed scientific journals related to integrative management of prostate conditions and urological disorders. Dr Espinosa is an author of the naturopathic entry in 1000 Cures for 200 ailments, by Harper Collins; March 2007 and “Prostate Cancer – Nutrients that may slow its progression,” Food and Nutrients in Disease Management – Maryland: Cadmus Publishing, 2009. Dr Espinosa also serves on the editorial board of the Natural Medicine Journal.

dawn-whittenDawn Whitten ND, BNat(Hons), IBCLC, FNHAA is a naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and lactation consultant. After completing her Bachelor degree, Dawn went on to obtain First Class Honours for the clinical research she undertook in the area of Herb-Drug interactions. She has published in this area and looked more deeply into Herb-Drug interactions pertinent to cardiovascular medicine.

Dawn regularly publishes papers in the peer-reviewed literature and presents both nationally and internationally. Recent topics she has presented include: Breastfeeding, Pregnancy Nutrition, Treating Allergies in Children, and Introducing Solids for the Prevention of Allergies.

Dawn has also worked as a research assistant for Southern Cross University in the field of herb safety in pregnancy and breastfeeding. She was recently awarded a prestigious Fellowship by the National Herbalist Association of Australia for her contribution to the field of herbal medicine in Australia.

Kiran Krishnan is a Microbiologist who has been involved in the dietary supplement and nutrition market for the past 15 years. He comes from a strict research background having spent several years with hands-on R&D in the fields of molecular medicine and microbiology at the University of Iowa.

He left University research to take a position as the U.S. Business Development and Sales Manager for Amano Enzyme, USA. Amano is one of the world’s largest suppliers of therapeutic enzymes used in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industries in North America. At Amano, he conceptualized and successfully launched several dietary supplement ingredients in the North and South American markets.

In addition to his experience at Amano, Kiran has designed and conducted over 10 clinical trials as a partner in a Contract Research Organization called Live Smart, Inc. Over the past 10 years Kiran has focused his knowledge and experience to developing unique and effective nutritional products for other well-known brands in the dietary supplement market. Kiran has had several market successes in the dietary supplement and nutrition markets. He brings his extensive technical knowledge, his clinical research experience and his passion for creating effective, natural products to the PeakBiotics® team. As a microbiologist, he has a deep understanding of microbial science and has spent the last 6 years studying the strains used in PeakBiotics®.

Dr-Jaclyn-ChasseDr Jaclyn Chasse ND is a naturopathic doctor and the co-founder of Northeast Integrative Medicine. She is a licensed naturopathic doctor who is passionate about applying her clinical knowledge. She is a sought-after writer for both peer-reviewed journals and lay publications and speaker at national and international conferences, presenting on topics in regulatory affairs and integrative clinical practice, specifically in the specialty areas of women’s health, infertility, and pediatrics.She serves on the adjunct faculty at Bastyr University in the field of gynecology and reproductive health. Her clinical practice focuses on these specialties.

Jaclyn’s unique background includes clinical practice, lab sciences, extensive teaching and strategic leadership. She is very involved in both practitioner and industry groups. She serves on the Board of Directors for the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and as a Trustee for the American Herbal Products Association. She is the immediate Past-President of the NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors. During her tenure, she led legislation to require insurance coverage of services provided by Naturopathic Doctors, increased association revenue and doubled the profitability of the association’s annual conference, and the association also expanded the formulary (prescribing rights) of doctors in the state.

Dr Liz Lipski PhD is a Professor and the Director of the Academic Development for the Nutrition programs in Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health. She holds a PhD in Clinical Nutrition two board certifications in clinical nutrition and one in functional medicine. She is on faculty for the Institute for Functional Medicine, the Metabolic Medicine Institute fellowship program.

Dr Lipski has been published in peer-reviewed journals including Nutrition in Clinical Practice and Integrative Medicine: A Clinician’s Journal, and is the author of several books: Digestive Wellness, The Digestion Connection, Digestive Wellness for Children, and Leaky Gut Syndrome. She co-authored the Gastrointestinal chapter for the American Board of Integrative Health and Medicine study guide and is a contributing author for Integrative Gastroenterology.


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