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Understanding the interactions between drugs and medication is an important skill that few of us stay up to date with. Keeping abreast of current medications including interactions is critical to ensure we protect patient safety and maximise our clinical outcomes.

Considerable harm can result from drug-herb interactions and from drug-induced nutritional deficiencies. We need to be fully aware of these effects and what to do about them. Also, adverse drug reactions and side effects are often surprisingly due to induced nutritional inadequacies that we can address very simply.

This Masterclass comprehensively covers the requirements you need to safely and most effectively combine your treatment strategies with the largest classes of pharmaceutical drug therapies.

We cover the specific mechanisms of drug-herb interactions and drug-induced deficiencies, and then we look closely at each of the major drug classes and the issues we face with these. You will develop a clear understanding of how interactions affect your patients and how to reduce these to reduce adverse drug effects.

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The drug-herb interaction precautions are conservative and often speculative. You will get the most clinically relevant, unbiased insights into this topic available. Both presenters have considerable expertise in herbal pharmacognosy so will give you clear understanding of why and how drug-herb interactions occur.


SESSION ONE- Introduction to Drug Nutrient Depletions & Herb Drug Interactions

  1. Fundamentals of drug-nutrient depletion
  2. Fundamentals of herb-drug interactions
  3. Drug-induced nutrient depletion can lead to adverse physiological effects
  4. Mechanisms of herb-drug interactions

SESSION TWO – Antibiotics

  1. Antibiotic nutrient depletions
  2. Antibiotics natural replacements
  3. Herb-drug interactions of antibiotics

SESSION THREE – Antidiabetic Drugs

  1. Antidiabetic nutrient depletions
  2. Antidiabetic natural replacements
  3. Herb-drug interactions of antidiabetics

SESSION FOUR – Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

  1. Anti-inflammatory nutrient depletions
  2. Anti-inflammatory natural support
  3. Herb-drug interactions – anti-inflammatories

SESSION FIVE – Cardiovascular Drugs

  1. Cardiovascular drug-nutrient depletions
  2. Cardiovascular natural support
  3. Herb-drug interactions – cardiovascular drugs

SESSION SIX – Cancer Drugs

  1. Cancer drug-nutrient depletions
  2. Cancer drug natural support
  3. Herb-drug interactions – cancer drugs

SESSION SEVEN – Nutrient Depletions

  1. Adverse drug effects mirror nutrient depletion
  2. Support for specific nutrient repletion

SESSION EIGHT – Herb-Drug Interactions

  1. Round up of herb-drug interactions
  2. Resources and current research on herb-drug interactions

SESSION NINE – Psychotherapeutic Drugs


Dr-Eugene-ZampieronDr. Eugene R. Zampieron ND

Dr Zampieron is a licensed Naturopathic physician and 1990 alumni of Bastyr University of Natural Health Sciences. Dr. Zampieron, a.k.a. ‘Dr.Z’, is a Registered and Certified Professional Member of the American Herbalist Guild. He was on the elite founding advisory board that helped firmly establish the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine as the first accredited naturopathic medical college on the US Eastern seaboard.

DrZ is currently the senior-most faculty member at the institution. He teaches and has taught many courses including botanical medicine, phyto-pharmacognosy, botanical pharmacy, urology, geriatrics, rheumatology, and history of natural medicine. His clinical emphasis and expertise is in holistic rheumatology, and he sees patients both in a private practice in Woodbury, Connecticut and at the University of Bridgeport Naturopathic clinic. He presents at international symposiums and webinars frequently in the fields of holistic rheumatology, botanical medicine and pharmacognosy and tropical ethnobotany.

Dr.Z is a botanical formulations inventor, designing herbal products for arthritis and other maladies, and acting as spokesman for companies internationally. His radio and TV career has spanned over 30 years, and he is currently heard regularly on ProgressiveRadioNetwork.org, WPKN FM Bridgeport, and WUSB FM Stony Brook. He is an international lecturer who teaches with an encyclopedic knowledge of natural medicine.

He has co-authored hundreds of articles, radio shows, magazine columns, as well as several books, including The Natural Medicine Chest; Arthritis: The Alternative Medicine, Definitive Guide (1st and 2nd editions), and was a contributing author/photographer for Cycles of Life, Herbs and Energy Techniques for the Stages of a Women’s Life; and a textbook of antiaging medicine.

He is also leads ethnobotanical tours through the New York Botanical Garden, NYC, and is group leader of www.ecotoursforcures.com, a critically acclaimed business leading adventure and ecologically based ecotours and specialty travel groups into the rainforests of Jamaica, West Indies to study with native herbalists and shaman.

Dr-Ellen-KamhiDr Ellen Kamhi PhD, RN, AHG, AHN-BC

Dr Kamhi has been involved in natural medicine since 1973 when she directed a program in ethnobotany at Cochise College in Douglas, Arizona. Ellen attended Rutgers and Cornell Universities, sat on the Panel of Traditional Medicine at Columbia Presbyterian Medical School, and is a Medical School Instructor and teaches Botanical Pharmacology.

She was nominated for the March of Dimes, Woman of Distinction, 2004 and received the J. G. Gallimore award for research in science. A respected authority in the field of natural healing, Dr. Kamhi is a professional member of the American Herbalist Guild, is nationally board certified as a holistic nurse (AHN-BC).

Ellen Kamhi is the author of Cycles of Life, Herbs for Women, The Natural Guide to Great Sex, Weight Loss: the Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide; and co-author with Eugene Zampieron of The Natural Medicine Chest, and Arthritis: The Alternative Medicine Definitive Guide. She is quoted in numerous print media including Marie Clare, Latina, Self, Woman’s World, Prevention, Cosmopolitan and Glamour, appears on radio/TV, and provides personal health consultations. Ellen is on the Peer Review Editorial Board of several journals/organizations, including: Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, Natural Medicine Journal, and Natural Standard Database.


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