Clinical Cardiology


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6 Module Online Webinar Short Course

In this 6-part course we deep dive into the three most important topics in natural cardiology.

1. Hypertension (2 webinars)

This is the number one risk factor for cardiovascular events. Make sure you are getting a clearest view of your patient’s pressure status. Accurate assessment and clear strategies for risk reduction can have huge effects.

2. Lipids (2 webinars)

We need to know when and which lipids are real risk factors. From this we know who is at risk and what we can do for them. These sessions will make cholesterol and triglycerides make sense.

3. Preventive Cardiology (2 webinars)

Predictive medicine is the heart of wellness care. More than most conditions, we have good predictive ability with cardiovascular disease opening many opportunities for preventive medicine. Know who’s most at risk and develop a targeted cardio-wellness program for them. Begin your wellness discussion with the number one topic in preventive medicine.

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Dr Jeremy Mikolai ND.

You can see his full bio below.


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WEBINAR ONE – Hypertension 1

    1. Pathophysiology of primary and secondary hypertension
    2. Appropriate evaluation of primary and secondary hypertension
    3. Standard of care and naturopathic interventions for primary hypertension

WEBINAR TWO – Hypertension 2

    1. Standard of care and naturopathic interventions for secondary hypertension
    2. Pathophysiology and evaluation of hypotension
    3. Standard of care and naturopathic interventions for hypotension
    4. Pathophysiology and evaluation of pulmonary hypertension
    5. Standard of care and naturopathic interventions for pulmonary hypertension


    1. Fundamentals of clinical lipidology and vascular biology
    2. Familial hypercholesterolemia
    3. Standard of care intervention for dyslipidaemias
    4. Alternative perspectives on evaluation and treatment of dyslipidaemias


    1. Comprehensive naturopathic and lifestyle strategies for the management of clinical lipid disorders

WEBINAR FIVE – Preventive Cardiology 1

    1. Fundamentals of vascular biology and physiologic principles of risk factor testing
    2. Vascular risk stratification
    3. Traditional, non-traditional and avant garde risk testing.

WEBINAR SIX – Preventive Cardiology 2

    1. Clinical applications of advanced risk testing
    2. Guidelines for advanced risk testing
    3. Comprehensive naturopathic interventions for cardiovascular prevention



Dr Jeremy Mikolai ND.

Dr Mikolai presented in our very successful Natural Cardiovascular Masterclass in March 2014 and he received terrific feedback.

He is a lead faculty member at the Heart & Lung Wellness Center of Excellence in Naturopathic Cardiovascular Medicine at the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon, as well as its Integrative Cardiovascular Medicine Fellow for 2013-15.

Dr. Mikolai is an assistant professor of naturopathic medicine, clinical medicine, and research at the National College of Natural Medicine and the Helfgott Research Institute, as well as adjunct faculty/professor of Cardiology in the naturopathic medicine department at Universidad del Turabo in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.

Dr. Mikolai is a 2010 alumnus of National College of Natural Medicine where he graduated with highest honors.

He completed a one-year mentored internship in the Heart & Lung Wellness Program with Dr. Martin Milner during his final year of medical school and then followed by completing three years of post-graduate residency training in the Heart and Lung program, including one year as Chief Resident.

He is also a co-founder and lead faculty member of the Naturopathic Institute of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Medicine.

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