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8 Module Online Webinar Series

Write A Short Wellness Book to Grow Your Practice, Heal More People and Leave Your Legacy!

Today there’s fierce competition to promote your products and services. With everyone giving health advice, including Dr Google, the credentials you worked hard for are not enough to reliably develop a thriving practice. To succeed in a health and wellness practice you have to establish yourself as a thought-leader and the natural authority in your speciality.

Writing a wellness book is the one of the best ways to build trust because you educate people on your approach, and give them the opportunity to know you as a human being. They will develop confidence in you and be more open to the services you offer.

Your book showcases your expertise and helps you build your practice, while you leave your legacy. After all, you became a health practitioner because you truly want to help people. But you can only help those people who come to you. This starts with the “know, like and trust factor,” which is one of the only ways to build a sustainable health practice.

At the end of this course, you will have a manuscript ready to publish digitally or in print. To ensure you finish your book, we will aim for a short book of 60 to 80 pages. You can also write a longer book, or your next book, using the skills and system you will learn in this course, making you the authority in your niche.

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* This program is for those who want to write a wellness book but are stuck or unsure of how to move forward. You will get step-by-step guidance on how to start and to finish the book you always dreamed of writing.

When you write your book, you fulfil your mission of helping more people, and leaving a legacy.


  • How to decide on the right focus and message for your book
  • How to identify your target audience and create your avatar
  • How to define your books goals and purpose
  • How to structure your book so writing is as easy as filling in the blanks
  • How to write your first draft in as fast as a weekend
  • How to edit your book like the pros
  • How to design your book to sell at a glance
  • How to profit from the golden opportunities from your book


  • Clear presentations showing you how to write your book, every step of the way
  • A PDF of all presentation slides
  • Links to all referenced research papers and useful clinical handouts
  • An opportunity to ask questions and get direction and feedback about your book
  • 6 months access to the recordings
  • Your exclusive invitation to the Health Masters Live Alumni Group


Each session is 75 minutes: 60 minutes presentation + 15 minutes Q&A

WEBINAR ONE: The Transformational Power of a Wellness Book

  1. Why write a health and wellness book?
  2. How a wellness book is different from other books
  3. How writing a book will change your life, and the lives of your readers
  4. How becoming an author makes you the authority
  5. The two biggest mistakes authors make with their first books
  6. Your compelling Why for writing your book

WEBINAR TWO: Define Your Goals and Your Book’s Purpose

  1. Define your business goals and your goals for your book
  2. Define your message for your book
  3. Identify your target audience
  4. Creating your title, subtitle and soundbite
  5. Powerful secret tip to create your marketing message

WEBINAR THREE: Structure Your Book and Banish Writer’s Block Forever

  1. Get rid of writer’s block forever
  2. The two simplest ways to structure your book
  3. Your book’s promise and benefits
  4. Your introduction: why it matters
  5. Your hero’s story
  6. How to ignite your writing and create avid readers

WEBINAR FOUR: Create Your First Draft in as Fast as a Weekend

  1. Write your first draft: it’s as easy as filling in the blanks
  2. How long does it really take to write your book?
  3. The quickest way to your first draft (no writing involved)
  4. How to calculate the number of words you need for the size of book you want

WEBINAR FIVE: How to Edit Like a Pro

  1. What is editing, and why do you need it?
  2. DIY or go pro?
  3. The four editing passes, and why you need them
  4. Editing for content and structure
  5. Editing for language and flow
  6. Editing for spelling, grammar and punctuation
  7. How to find professional editors

WEBINAR SIX: Designing Your Book to Sell

  1. Sell your book at a glance with an engaging cover
  2. How to find a good cover designer
  3. Designing the interior of your book to get more sales
  4. Front matter: copyright page, disclaimers, and more
  5. Back matter: Resources, conclusion, and call to action

WEBINAR SEVEN: Publishing and Printing Your Book

  1. How to publish & print your book
  2. Where to get publishing help
  3. How to publish on Amazon
  4. How to get your book into bookstores and libraries

WEBINAR EIGHT: How to Make Money with Your Wellness Book

  1. 33 Golden opportunities from your wellness book
  2. How to attract the media and get free publicity from your book
  3. How to build a lucrative speaking business from your book
  4. How to design your practice and educate your clients with your book
  5. How to use your book to generate leads for your website
  6. How to turn your book into profitable online courses
  7. How to make recurring money from coaching and mentoring
  8. The 3-legged stool the wellness gurus use to make money


Lynda Goldman is a book coach and author of 44 books, including the forthcoming book, Write to Heal: 7 Steps to Write and Publish a Book a Wellness Book that Heals More People, Establishes Your Authority and Leaves Your Legacy. Her mission is to help more wellness providers bring their messages to the world through their books.

She has been published by three major publishers, self-published, ghostwritten more than 15 books, and sold the foreign rights to her books to 20 countries. Some of these books helped launch her speaking, training and coaching businesses.

Lynda has been a sought-after copywriter in the natural health industry for more than 10 years, where she helped health and wellness professionals hone their messages and marketing communications. Now she focuses on helping wellness providers write and publish books that transform people’s lives and help change the world.

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