The Art of the Meet and Greet


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PRACTICE BUILDERS webinar with Dr Jason Marr

The first contact with your patient is critical to your business. Your first interaction with them has them carefully scanning and assessing you. They do not know us or know how their care will proceed and the trust factor is just not there. They find out a great deal about us in the first contact and they form conclusions and assumptions about us very quickly. It is in your first consult that much of your success and long-term customers are formed.

Dr Jason Marr is a naturopath and performance and productivity coach. Clearly conveying your message, principles, and values make a great difference to how you are perceived professionally. Jason will show you how to create a solid new patient system within your business. A system that will retain many more patients. Patients that will stay with you for a very long time. This process results in your ideal patients reaching out to you, becoming valuable clients that bring you a continuous stream of referrals.

This single webinar is 60 minutes + Q&A


  • Sales vocabulary and understanding the importance of prospecting, conversion, retention and compliance
  • The importance of the Meet & Greet as a keystone to building a sustainable practice
  • That Meet & Greets are more than a client acquisition tool
  • How to get the tools to maximise conversion rates on Meet & Greet sessions, whether you’re currently offering them or not


  • Clear explanations on how to achieve outstanding practice results
  • A PDF of all presentation slides
  • Links to all resources provided
  • Access to the live presentations where you can ask questions


Jason Marr ND. graduated from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine in Toronto and is the Founder, Owner and Director of Evoke Integrative Medicine, and your next Personal Performance & Productivity Coach. As a performance and productivity coach Jason arms professionals with tools to maximise productivity, creativity and learning agility, and to overcome burnout.

He works exclusively with urban professionals, arming them with evidence- and science-informed, integrative tools to overcome fatigue, anxiety and burnout while maximising performance, productivity and resilience in everyday life – enabling the ability to thrive in the face of stress.

Throughout his academic career, Dr. Marr has always complemented his medical education with experiences in competitive sport, politics, and leadership opportunities. He enjoys reading about how trends capture our societies, about emerging technology, learning about changes in interpersonal communication, and the evolution of the psychology of motivation.

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