Functional Approach to the Blood-Brain Barrier


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Our blood-brain-barrier is the capillary shield between our brain and circulating blood. It vitally restricts the transfer of all soluble proteins greater than 400 Da in the blood across to the brain. Our blood-brain barrier is remarkably similar to our intestinal barrier and under various circumstances, is compromised potentially with severe consequences.

This two-part webinar series with Dr Robert Silverman will reveal some alarming effects of a blood-brain barrier breach. He will also teach you how to prevent, recognise and treat a barrier failure.

Within hours of concussion or other traumatic brain injuries, the blood-brain barrier and also the intestinal barrier fails. This allows the invasion of intestinal bacterial toxins, neuronal tissue-binding food proteins and cross-reactive food proteins into the once-protected nervous system.

Most bacterial toxins, some of which cause SIBO, contribute to systemic inflammation and cyclically keep the intestinal and blood-brain barriers open, even years after the exposure.

Adding further damage, specific food proteins such as gliadin, milk butyrophilin and food aquaporins share structural similarity to brain structures such as our myelin, cerebellum, asialoganglioside, synapsin and the aquaporin.

Additionally, specific food lectins and agglutinins bind to myelin tissue. Patients with circulating food antibodies and/or lectins and agglutinins who experience blood-brain-barrier breaches are at risk of the reactive antibodies infiltrating their brain causing neurological damage. Once environmentally triggered antibodies cause brain tissue damage, then neurological autoantibodies can be created which further contribute to the neuroautoimmune process.

It is therefore critical to implement a pro-brain dietary protocol and treatment strategy to heal the broken blood-brain barrier. For the same reasons and at the same time as you would for intestinal leakage. By taking proactive strategies, the risk of neurological disease and degeneration occurring can be significantly reduced.

Listen to Dr Rober Silverman discuss the key principles you will cover in this webinar series.


  • The role of the blood-brain barrier in health and trauma
  • How to properly assess the gut and the brain barriers
  • Expertly analyse intestinal and blood-brain barrier dysfunctions
  • Learn the aspects of modern lifestyles and the environmental triggers that are affecting the gut-brain axis and contributing to the neuroautoimmune epidemic
  • How to create patient-friendly protocols to repair our essential barriers when they are broken
  • Understand the effects nutrition play in recovery after a concussion
  • Elucidate the science of the different types of fasting


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Dr Robert Silverman is a chiropractic doctor, clinical nutritionist, international speaker and author of, “Inside-Out Health: A Revolutionary Approach to Your Body,” an Amazon No. 1 bestseller in 2016. The ACA Sports Council named Dr. Silverman “Sports Chiropractor of the Year” in 2015. His extensive list of educational accomplishments includes six different degrees in clinical nutrition. Dr. Silverman also maintains a busy private practice as founder of Westchester Integrative Health Center, which specializes in the treatment of joint pain using functional nutrition along with cutting-edge, science-based, nonsurgical approaches.

Dr. Silverman is on the advisory board for the Functional Medicine University, the advisory board for Metagenics and is a seasoned health and wellness expert on both the speaking circuits and within the media, as well as a frequent health expert contributor on national blogs such as Consumer Health Digest. He has appeared on FOX News Channel, FOX, NBC, CBS, CW affiliates as well as The Wall Street Journal and NewsMax, to name a few.

He was invited as a guest speaker on “Talks at Google” to discuss his current book. As a frequent published author in peer-reviewed journals and other mainstream publications, including Thrive Global, Integrative Practitioner, MindBodyGreen, Health Radar, Muscle and Fitness, The Original Internist and Holistic Primary Care journals, Dr. Silverman is a thought leader in his field and practice.


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