Please register for all new courses on our new platform HERE. Please download any invoices, certificates, PDFs, notes etc before this site is removed at the end of the year.

  1. Your courses are ordered alphabetically on the My Courses page. You have two tabs on this page that separate your Active (Uncompleted) Courses from your Completed Courses.
  2. To access your webinars, click on the course title and then the lesson title to view the recording.

To Complete Your Course and Generate Your Certificate

  1. Click the “Complete Lesson” button at the bottom of each lesson page.
  2. If there is a quiz on the final lesson page there will be no “Complete Lesson” button. Instead, click the “View the Lesson Quiz” button. You must complete the quiz to pass this course and generate your certificate. You can retake the quiz if needed.
  3. You will find your certificate on your Course page or your Certificates page here.

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