We hope you love the HmLive Postgraduate Learning Platform

We’re having great fun putting all this postgraduate content together for you and hope you are looking forward to the coming courses. If you run out of time to complete a course please contact us below to request a short extension. Further Help and FAQs can be found via links on the bottom of this site.

  1. You can view what’s coming up on the Calendar page here
  2. To access a live webinar you must have registered for it. Once you do that you will receive an email containing the link to join the live event.
  3. The recording of the course will be in your account around 6 hours after the live event. Access your account by clicking on My Account in the top menu.
  4. Your courses are ordered alphabetically on the My Courses page. You have two tabs on this page that separate your Active (Uncompleted) Courses from your Completed Courses.
  5. Click on the course title and then the lesson title to view the lesson content.

To Complete Your Course and Generate Your Certificate

  1. Click on the “Complete Lesson” button at the bottom of each lesson page.
  2. If there is a quiz on the final lesson page there will be no “Complete Lesson” button. Instead, click the “View the Lesson Quiz” button. You must complete the quiz to pass this course and generate your certificate. You can retake the quiz if needed.
  3. You will find your certificate on your Course page or your Certificates page here.

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