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Interview with Gill Jenek ND

Interview Notes:

  • Had a small Ad that appeared in the local paper everyday.
  • Practice opened on a shoestring but they always had a budget for that Ad.
  • When he moved practice he did an advertorial (small column) that worked just as well. He did fresh, very useful, content every week. Nothing generic. He narrowed it down to a few simple things they could take away and do now. A visit then was $21 and the Ad used to cost $60.
  • Does no Advertising now. Gets business from referrals.
  • Needed a life change. Decided to refine his practice so he has time to do other things.
  • He sacked patients with poor compliance and who didn’t really want to be there. Got rid of about 90% of his patients.
  • Gil then started a screening process with patients. Before they booked their first appointment he would interview people to see how motivated they were. He referred those that were not motivated to other practitioners who were happier to see those types of patients. Approximately 70% get knocked back.
  • Gil wants patients that show up and are motivated.
  • He doesn’t like waiting lists. He thinks those that refer patients get embarrassed if the person they have referred can’t get in. He books are full. People see it as a curtesy.
  • First visit – Greet and meet, establishing the patients needs, confirming their needs.
  • Second visit – Offering solutions, matching products and services with what they need and handling objections.
  • Third visit – Offer a treatment program – over 12 months – makes appointments for the entire year. Direct debit treatment plan/ service fee over 12 months. Face-to-face or phone consults that are pre-determined. Patients love the fixed price agreement.
  • He delivers a strategy and a plan that he delivers over the 12 months. He has a process┬áthat is delivered day to day. They do homework delivered electronically that has to be back within 48 hours.
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